An industrial district town with a historical town reserve, situated at a valley between the northern slopes of Libín in the Prachatice highlands of the Šumava foothills. It was founded in the Middle ages and enjoyed an economic advantage due to its position on the Golden Path. The local Renaissance houses with rich figural graffito decoration date from the 16th centiry, the time of the greatest development of the town. St. James´s church from the 14th century was completed about 1510. A part of the town fortifications with the so-called Lower gate has been preserved.

Infocentre - Velké náměstí 1, 383 01 Prachatice, tel./fax: +420-338 312 563, e-mail:

Prachatice - Town-square Prachatice - Town-square
Prachatice Prachatice
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Prachatice museum
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